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Hello, I'm Mariana Calleja. A qualified practising doctor who wants you to beat stress, feel better, and stay healthy.

Are you struggling with any of these lately?
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1-to-1 private consultations on Skype, to guide you on what your body is telling you & what you need to improve your specific health issue.


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Personalised consulting, speaking and workshops for groups or companies, on good habits, health & wellness to help improve overall productivity.


Wellness Workshops

Your Feel Good Tool Is Here!

Stress is the enemy of the overworked house-runner or parent, the employee struggling to make ends meet, and the busy self-employed entrepreneur.

Stress is a health-wrecker. It’s a bomb detonated in the middle of your future. So I made a course to disarm it, step by step – starting today.

Tell Me More About This Course
  • “Just over a year, I was in one of the most crucial stages of my life… in search of something very important: myself!
    Mariana taught me to live day by day, recalled the importance of loving me as I am and my value as a human being.”Diana Morales
  • “She was looking at my body as a whole, and thinking about what was causing the problem – not simply treating the pain. Within 3 weeks or so, the pains had reduced significantly, and now, something under 5 months later, I barely have any at all. Can never thank her enough!”Linda Wainwright