The Doctor Is In!

Hello, I'm Mariana Calleja. A qualified practising Doctor and Pain Coach.

I help people heal their physical pain and emotional pain so they can move forward to have the life they deserve.

Heal Your Pain To Move Forward

This Site Is About

Physical Pain

Practical and powerful lessons on how to deal with acute or chronic pain. Whether it’s you or a beloved one going through a situation or diagnose, unsure how to cope and deal with it all.

Emotional Pain

Gain the confidence & clarity you need to deal with your inner struggles and finally take control to live the life you deserve.

Pain Prevention

Avoid unnecessary, energy-draining trips to your doctor. Strengthen your mind and body, beat chronic stress & prevent common medical conditions.

Painkiller Wisdom To Start Living Your Best Life Straight Into Your Inbox!

Let’s Work Together

Online Consultation

1-to-1 private consultations to guide you on what your body is telling you & what you need to improve your specific health issue.


Corporate Wellness

Personalised consulting, speaking and workshops for groups or companies, on good habits, health & wellness to help improve overall productivity.


Learn & Prevent

Your Feel Good Tool Is Here!

Stress is the enemy of the overworked house-runner or parent, the employee struggling to make ends meet, and the busy self-employed entrepreneur.

Stress is a health-wrecker. It’s a bomb detonated in the middle of your future. So I made a course to disarm it, step by step – starting today.

Tell Me More About This Course
  • “Just over a year, I was in one of the most crucial stages of my life… in search of something very important: myself!
    Mariana taught me to live day by day, recalled the importance of loving me as I am and my value as a human being.”Diana Morales
  • “She was looking at my body as a whole, and thinking about what was causing the problem – not simply treating the pain. Within 3 weeks or so, the pains had reduced significantly, and now, something under 5 months later, I barely have any at all. Can never thank her enough!”Linda Wainwright